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Advantages SAUNA



A precious bouquet of woods

An Italian product that sums up the true essence of the Finnish sauna where, thanks to the warmth inside the cabin, the natural woods give off their characteristic aromas.

For this reason, KiLife offers a precious bouquet of woods to choose from, including Canadian Hemlock, Heat Treated Ash, Cedar or Fir.

Even the lighting is designed to bring out the lines, the grain of the wood and the perfect pairings with the chosen species. Everything is enriched by a range of stoves available in different designs and characteristics with slate stone guards and a highly technological control unit.

Security systems and emergency buttons are essential for safe relaxation.

What is the Sauna ?

The word sauna is an ancient Finnish word that identified a winter residence in which, to achieve a feeling of increased heat, steam was produced by spraying water onto stones heated by fire until they get hot. The sauna is therefore a cabin where the air is very hot and dry (80-100 ° C) and which is carried out in a closed wooden environment.

Benefits of Sauna :

The most immediate benefit you receive is the relief of nervous tension and general relaxation : The enveloping heat of the sauna relaxes muscles and joints, profuse sweating removes impurities and removes the layer of dead cells.


Materials : Hemlock canadien


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