hotellerie restauration

Advantages The Highline concept

Superior quality

Freedom of design

High environmental certifications

A concept that promotes quality and freedom of choice

EGE®, a manufacturer specialized in the production of carpets for the hotel industry, has established the Highline concept, a unique concept that emphasizes the importance of creative freedom. The only limit is your imagination !

This concept allows you to create custom designs to create a unique universe and accompany the customer experience.

One concept, 3 versions

  •  6 Highline Express Collections with over 4 000 designs that can be recolored
  •  4 designer collections : Atelier by Monsieur Christian Lacroix, Industrial Landscape by Tom Dixon, Transition by Manganese Editions, Canvas  Collage by Nicolette Brunklaus
  •  Customized version : Anything is possible at EGE®, its advanced technology and 25 integrated designers allow to create unique designs for each type of project.


  • Over 4 000 designs available in 9 qualities.
  • 6 standard collections and 3 designer collections manufactured in 4 m strips.
  • Custom designs from 100 sqm.
  • Special colors from 200 sqm.

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