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Advantages U and I shape Paper Straw

Tailor made solutions

Large number of sizes

Multiple international certifications

We develop and produce U-shape paper straws in various diameters and lengths according to the viscosity of the liquid and size of the package. The flexible bow ensures that all liquids are reachable and can be bended up to 50 times.

Our commitment providing fully renewable paper straws has led us to become a reliable partner for aseptic beverage and liquid food packaging industry.


Shapes :

  • Flexible bow, up to 50 times without breaking.
  • Sharp edge at the bottom, can easily glides through the pack. – No paper taste.

Sizes (length) :

  • Size can be tailored to the clients’ needs.
  • Standard sizes are: 126, 133, 138, 140, 150, 155, 160,165, 172 and 185 mm.

Diameter :

  • Standard: 4.6 mm.
  • Slim: 4.1mm. Ideal for juice pouches and multipacks wrapped in foil to prevent flattening of the straws.
  • Large: 6mm. Ideal for yogurt and smoothie drinks.

Paper grammage :

  • Standard: 300 and 310g.
  • Optional: 240g. Budget friendly while high quality remains.

Finishings :

  • Standard: white kraft paper.
  • Optional finishings: Kraft color, Printed with logo or pattern and / or laminated (shiny finish).

Warm drinks :

  • Upon request, straws can be made for both cold and hot drinks. The standard straws are only for cold drinks.

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