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Advantages VingCard Essence electronic locks

Ideal for new construction

Compatible with mobile access

Minimalist design with electronics stored inside the door

The VingCard Essence electronic locks by ASSA ABLOY, a leading manufacturer of electronic security systems, are a real revolution because all the lock components, including the reader, have been incorporated into the door to offer an absoluteminimalist design, the very essence of an electronic lock.

The ultimate in security !

The VingCard Essence electronic lock features a solid steel or stainless steel handle with long-lasting self-lubricating bearings, a 3-lug steel latch with anti-friction mechanism and a 1-inch (ANSI) case-hardened steel side deadbolt.

Among the advantages of this device is the emergency opening function : the interior handle automatically retracts the deadbolt and latch for easy exit in case of emergency.

We also appreciate the reprogrammable and upgradeable Flash memory lock.

Power is provided by three (3) AA batteries that provide up to 3 years of autonomy under normal use.

Finally, VingCard Essence is always delivered Mobile Access Ready. With the Mobile Access electronic card embedded inside the lock’s card reader, your establishment is ready for your customers’ smartphones at any time.

Product Benefits

  • Ideal for new construction,
  • Compatible with mobile access,
  • In-line system via RF (wireless),
  • Minimalist design with electronics stored inside the door,
  • RFID reader with enhanced remote reading,
  • Offers a wide range of handle design options.


  • Solid steel or stainless steel handles with long-lasting self-lubricating bearings.
  • Steel 3-lug bolt with anti-friction mechanism.
  • 1 inch (ANSI) case hardened steel deadbolt.
  • Emergency opening function: the interior handle automatically retracts the deadbolt and latch to facilitate latch for easy exit in case of emergency.
  • ADA compliant (users with limited mobility).
  • Re-programmable and upgradeable flash memory lock.
  • Powered by three (3) AA batteries for up to 3 years of normal use.
  • 2000 event history with the Visionline system.
  • Compatible with Vision and Visionline software platforms.
  • Optional high security mechanical override available.
  • Mobile Access electronic card included in the reader.
  • RFID features: 13.56 MHz technology – Compatible with ISO 14443 A (MIFARE including Desfire), ISO 14443 B, ISO 15693.

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