hotellerie restauration


– Illuminated room number

– Illuminated hotel logo

– The color of the led light changes based on room status (do not disturb, make up my room, occupied room)

1001 Handmade indicator panels offer an extraordinary contemporary aesthetics and functionality in your hotel! Harmonize perfectly with the color of your electronic locks.

Its available in four versions:

1) 1001 Handmade + in-room panel
2) 1001 Handmade + combo / in-room panel & card switch
3) 1001 Handmade ready for connection with in-room panel
4) 1001 Handmade no led

The basic color of the panels is inox satin. Supreme chromatics shades are optional.

— Available in 22 colors

— Availability in different sizes: plus size- standard size


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