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Advantages Deadbolt actuator


Advanced Technology

Provides a flexible safe lock platform

East House Safe Locks can be paired with any of East House Entry Pads to create a very reliable and robust safe lock system ideal for most applications.

East House Safe Lock Bolt mechanisms are constructed of stainless steel which results in long-lasting and reliable performance.

Advanced Technology. Reliable.

East House Safe Locks use advanced technology to provide a flexible safe lock platform. Featuring a Dual Communication Platform, East House Locks operate in either analog mode or digital mode.

Every East House lock undergoes a 2,000 cycle quality management program before it leaves the manufacturing facility.

Unprecedented commitment to quality and reliability.


  • Power Supply : DC 9V,
  • Power Supply Range : DC 4.5V – 12V,
  • Standby Current : <50ua 20ua=”” typical=”” li=””>,
  • Active Current : <20mA,
  • Battery Low Voltage : 5.2+/- 0.2V,
  • Mechanical System Life Span : >100,000 cycles,
  • Working temperature : -25 deg C ~ +60 deg C,
  • Working humidity : <95%,
  • Storage temperature : -45 deg C ~ +85 deg C,
  • DeadBolt: Working Current <500ma; 160ma=”” typical=”” li=””>,
  • Motor working time: 2 S.

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