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Advantages BLE driver

Ideal for the outdoor use

Bluetooth wireless technology

Can upgrade all types of smart card locks

The BLE driver device is placed inside the electronic locks and works in parallel and independently with the RFID of the lock, so that in case of failure it is not affected.

It can upgrade all types of smart card locks. It can be installed into already existing electronic locks with no affection of the functionality (magnetic, IC, RFID). A variety of versions for different models of electronic locks.


  • Bluetooth wireless technology,
  • Unlock by downloading the app to your smartphone,
  • No WiFi needed to the lock,
  • No WiFi needed to the guest ’s mobile phone to unlock,
  • Absolutely safe while communication protocol SHA2 is encrypted,
  • Low battery consumption and battery lifespan for more than 1 year,
  • Great performance at high/ low temperature +60°/-20°,
  • Ideal for the outdoor use,
  • Max distance of 10m for the smartphone device to work normal,
  • Room detection by the use of GPS signal when guest is trying to find the room quickly,
  • Open possibility for the lock to connect to BLE keypad in case guest’s mobile phone device is missing.

Basic version of BLE driver :

  • BLE driver for hotel locks,
  • BLE driver for electric locks & automatic doors.

Accessories :

  • BLE key pad with waterproof protection cover,
  • BLE portable time attendance.

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