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Advantages 8700XG.EU electronic lock

Available in 22 colors

Perfectly adapts to all door thicknesses

Ability to connect with electric locks or automations

With no doubts, the most accepted by the company’s customers.

Classic model, combines the reliability with the aesthetics of the interior.

Perfectly adapts to all door thicknesses, even already existing doors while requiring no wiring.

4AA Alkaline batteries power the lock over an extended lifetime 1½ years.

Works with RFID cards or optionally with BLE digital keys to unlock the lock via the guest’s smartphone.


  • Indoor use,
  • Suitable for installation by adjusting holes in existing wooden doors,
  • Suitable for new doors,
  • Lockcase EU-ANSI,
  • Panic release,
  • Antithieft latch,
  • Deadbolt,
  • Mechanical overide key,
  • Material INOX 316,
  • Reader technology RFID,
  • Compatible upgrade to BLE,
  • Keypad compatible (requires BLE),
  • Anti-cloning technology – RFID cards,
  • Audit trial,
  • Power supply 4xAA batteries,
  • Lithium battery,
  • Passage mode,
  • Ability to connect with electric locks or automations,
  • Optional finishes,
  • Optional handles,
  • Frame strike corner/full lip,
  • Software lockmanage,
  • Available in 22 colors,
  • 5 handles designs available.

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