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Advantages ASSAM

Anti-theft system

4 furniture protection gliders

Save space on your desk or counter

ASSAM is an ABS hospitality tray with a black wood finish equipped with a removable stainless steel drip tray. To save space on your desk or counter, you can integrate a brochure holder in A5 format.


Delivered with :

  • Material : ABS black wood finish.
  • 4 transparent rubber protection pads on the underside of the plate.
  • Table top dimensions: L 356x P 240x H 38 mm.

Compartment dimensions :

  • For tea: L 69x P 104 x H 20 mm (x2).
  • For sugar / milk : L 140x P 35x H 20 mm.
  • For the base of the kettle : 145 mm in diameter – H18 mm.
  • Anti-theft system for the kettle base.
  • Optional : 0.5 Lt or 1 Lt kettle.

Equipped with :

  • Compatible with the kettles EXPRESSO and LUNGO.
  • Anti-theft system for water kettle power base.
  • Kettle base integrated.
  • 4 furniture protection gliders.
  • Removable perforated ‘drip tray’ for used tea bags and spoons.
  • Tea and sugar compartments.

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