hotellerie restauration

Advantages BASILIC


strong and easy to handle

Guaranteed for 3 to 5 years

ARTALYS is a rolling furniture distribution company for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, retirement homes, communities, cleaning companies. ARTALYS has chosen to work with the best industrialists, designers and manufacturers of professional forklifts.

Our trolleys have the advantage of being easy to maintain, light, ergonomic and recyclable and guaranteed for 3 to 5 years.

Stainless steel trolley, light, strong and easy to handle, available in 3 sizes (1 – 2 and 3).


Delivered with :

  • Capacity 3×6 slides.
  • 18 trays and / or 36 trays.
  • Height space between the slides of 130mm.
  • Worktop with 40mm rim.
  • Driving handle.

Optional :

  • Retractable shelf.
  • Partitions.
  • Doors and partitions.

Equipped with :

  • Upper amenity box 40mm height, with edges.
  • 1 push-bar handle.
  • 2 side panels.
  • Spacing of 130mm between the guides.
  • Non-marking rubber bumper all around the base.

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