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Unparalleled style and outstanding performances

Easy management and ideal working ergonomics

Patented energy saving system for the lowest consumption

The Zanolli dome pizza oven AVGVSTO® combines the aesthetic flavour of tradition with the ease of use of professional electric ovens, guaranteeing a top-level performance. It is available in the 6 and 9 pizzas version, with a maximum temperature of 500°C and a cooking chamber fully lined with refractory ceramic. Ideal for Neapolitan style pizza.

Innovation, aesthetics, power and distribution of heat make the new AVGVSTO® the Emperor of the Ovens. Dome, antiqued granite, rounded form, no cable, electronic control display, external part in coated stainless steel and 100% wood-free. A boutique oven of traditional Italian appeal, but with 500°C clean energy for less than 10 kW (average electrical power Kw/h).

It is equipped with the Patented Air Trap System that exploits the hot air that accumulates inside the hood. The AIR TRAP SYSTEM® creates an air barrier right before the mouth of the oven and keeps the heat inside the cooking chamber. The advantages: 30% saving of energy consumption for preserving the temperature inside the chamber; superbly even baking of the pizza in the whole chamber; top working ergonomics. The accessories and the possibility to choose the color of the dome allow customizing the oven according to the style of the venue.


  • Maximum temperature 500°C
  • LED interior lighting
  • Thermal insulation for high temperatures

Designer : DR. ZANOLLI SRL


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