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Advantages BODUM COFFEE - French Roast

Simple yet rich

Full-bodied and aromatic

Environmentally friendly brewing method

About French Roast Coffee

An icon of Bodum, the French press is synonymous with the Bodum name. This environmentally friendly brewing method is beloved by coffee aficionados for its simplicity of brewing and purity of taste. And we think this French roast blend is the perfect complement. Bodum’s French Roast incorporates some of our finest coffees from Planadas-Colombia and Sumatra, which have been deeply roasted to add sweetness and body. Simple yet rich, full-bodied and aromatic, this dark roasted blend is a time-honoured classic with earthy, chocolaty notes and a sweet flavour. And much like our French press, these beans make taste not waste, as they’re sourced from partners that share our sustainability goals. Perfect for those that love a classic dark brew.


  • Region : Planadas, Colombia & Sumatra Organic.
  • Process : Washed, Wet hulled.
  • Altitude : 1200-1600 masl.
  • Varietal : Typica, Colombia F8, Castillo, Ateng, Gayo1 & Timtim.

Tasting notes :

  • Rich, full-bodied blend with earthy, chocolaty notes and a sweet simple finish.

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