hotellerie restauration

Advantages OptiFresh

Easy to use and maintain

Energy efficient (A+ rating)

Permanent stainless steel filter

The OptiFresh brews delicious fresh filter coffee (fresh brew method) and many variations. Full of taste and at the perfect temperature.

A modern coffee machine that brews authentic coffee. Easy to operate through easy-to-swipe touchscreen or ready-to-go push button panel.

Do you prefer the taste of freshly ground coffee? No problem. The OptiFresh is also available with a grinder: the OptiFresh Bean.

It grinds the beans and quickly brews delicious coffee.

Easy to operate

The smell of fresh filter coffee. So familiar and always delicious.

Coffee is available in many flavors, but no matter what variant you choose, coffee gives you energy.

Pure black, foamy cappuccino or latte macchiato.

And of course hot water for tea and instant drinks like hot chocolate. Program up to 24 of your favorite coffee recipes. With one touch, you can brew your favorite coffee.

The strength of the coffee is easily adjustable to suit personal preferences.

Attractive design

The OptiFresh does not only brew delicious fresh filter coffee, it is also durable. The materials and construction guarantee hassle-free use for years to come.

And the OptiFresh is energy efficient (A+ rating), which is nice for you and the environment.

The machine is designed to quickly brew the most delicious fresh filter coffee. But appearance does matter as well.

Therefore the design is not only inviting but also functional and elegant.

The OptiFresh of Animo can be placed in any surrounding, like offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, canteens, care homes, and much more!


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