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Advantages By-alarm burglar alarm system

High technology and simplicity

Offer the very maximum in terms of aesthetics and functionality

The perfect balance between consistency and attention to detail

Thanks to the By-alarm burglar alarm system, protecting spaces against burglaries is easy and intuitive. Available both in the stand-alone version and easily expandable with a wide range of devices, its high quality is ensured by the CEI EN 50131 certification (grade 2).

Alarm and antitheft: when safety is at home

By-alarm can be integrated both with the wide range of products offered by Elvox CCTV and with the By-me home automation system. The versatility and scalability, combined with high technology and simplicity of use, which distinguishes them, makes them suitable for small apartments as well as shopping malls and business centres, up to large industrial companies.

An intelligent solution that can be integrated with home automation

By-alarm can be fully integrated with the By-me home automation system through the installation of an IP interface which guarantees a secure and protected connection, both locally and remotely via an internet connection.

Perfect functional integration also allows the management of home automation devices using the By-alarm sensors and contacts which, when the intrusion detection alarm system is disabled, can control light activation or heating/air conditioning system deactivation.

Aesthetic coordination

All the By-alarm system devices, such as sensors, internal sirens and connectors, have been designed to offer the very maximum in terms of aesthetics and functionality, ensuring a stylistic approach that strikes the perfect balance between consistency and attention to detail.

Plus, all flush mounting devices are available for the Eikon, Arké, Idea and Plana series. Numerous combinations in terms of designs, materials and colours.


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