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Advantages DMBOOK

A simple and easy-to-use tool.

Access the platform from anywhere

Securely and easily integrate your partners into Dmbook

Manage and track what is happening in your hotel on a daily basis

Dmbook Pro is a digital logbook that allows you to share the key information and events of the day and facilitates communication between teams. All guest requests are centralised and tracked to eliminate oversights. Daily tasks are all listed in customisable checklists to optimise operations.

Logbook 2.0

Use a modern electronic version of the Duty Manager Book to replace your paper books.
Your teams can easily share information and ensure that no important information is lost.
All information is updated in real time and is always accessible from a computer or smartphone.
No limit to the number of books, the tool adapts to your organisation and not the other way around.
Check, pin, and modify the day’s events, attach photos and attachments. And access past events, even old ones.

Make your information easily accessible :

  • Digitalising the logbook makes it possible to centralise everything that has happened in the hotel each day in order to make it easier for your teams to keep up to date.
  • The news and events of the day can be organised by theme: Reception, Housekeeping, Technical incidents, Room Service orders, Lost and found, etc.
    You can personalise your folders as you wish!

Be notified as soon as something happens

Each employee is assigned to the relevant logbook, so as not to miss anything during their shift.

  • The technician is notified as soon as a technical incident is reported
  • The housekeeper is notified if a room has a problem
  • The kitchen is informed of each room service order
  • Lost and found items are centralised and tracked in a dedicated notebook

Notify all your colleagues, a team or a particular person of important information.

Turn off notifications when your shift is over with one click.

Easy access to the latest updates

No matter where your colleagues are, they can access the logbook whenever they want to check information, follow up on a topic or add a request that was forgotten.

Maintenance, guest requests and tickets

Use a flexible ticket management system to manage maintenance tasks , lost property, complaints, etc.
Track tickets so you don’t miss any customer requests and assign them to your team members. Leave guidelines and comments for your colleagues.
Detect recurring problems and identify their sources more easily.
Whether your customer requests are made at the reception desk, by phone or via the other modules of the LoungeUp platform, they are centralised in one place.
This saves time, avoids errors and keeps customers happy.

Track the progress of guests’ demands

Inform your teams effectively on every subject.

  • Forget endless e-mail exchanges,
  • Notify a team, a specific person or all staff,
  • Keep up to date with updates on issues that concern you.

History :

Access the entire ticket history with the integrated search tool. Filter by category, status, assigned person, creator, creation / expiry / closure date etc.

Analyse the issues :

Use our analysis tools to understand your topics:

  • Recurring problems (bad smell every Tuesday at 10am)
  • Keyword association (room number / internet problem)
  • Frequency during the day / week / month

Use facts, not estimates.

Discover consistent problems that were previously impossible to detect on a day-to-day basis.


Replace your paper checklists with flexible electronic checklists that can be shared with your team and notified if you forget.
Checklists guide each member of your team to complete their tasks efficiently and without oversight.
Less stress for teams and better service for customers.

Automatic reminders

To ensure that no task or event is missed, you can set reminders down to the minute. Taxis, wake up calls, deliveries, your teams are no longer caught unprepared and your customers are even more satisfied.

Knowledge base, documents and procedures

In addition to the instruction book, Dmbook allows you to store your documents and procedures in a simple and easy to access intranet module.
Centralise your documents, files and links, ensuring that all team members have access to the same information without having to manage different versions.
With the electronic document signature feature you can easily track the progress of your new recruits’training and ensure that all team members are aware of your procedures.


Easily track and share all the important information about your hotel.
Analyse your key performance indicators (KPIs) and monitor progress on your objectives (TripAdvisor ranking, Net Promoter Score…).



  • A simple and easy-to-use tool. No training required for your colleagues. You have control of everything to customise Dmbook to match your operations.

100% web

  • Access the platform from anywhere thanks to our mobile application. Say goodbye to the moments of panic on your way home, realising you forgot to pass on important information!

Centralised communication

  • Drastically reduce the number of internal emails. All information is gathered and organised on a single platform, accessible to all.

Permission system

  • Control who has access to which information. Securely and easily integrate your partners into Dmbook (accountant, technician, sub-contractor, etc.).

Analyse your problems

  • Thanks to our keyword system, you have access to concrete solutions to your problems. Gone are the days of feelings and estimates, you know exactly how often and when an issue occurs.

Quick search

  • Thanks to our search engine, find information or a procedure in your Dmbook in just a few seconds.

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