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Advantages Dauti Cedovim Men´s double-breast coat


Classic and modern design

Durable : The high quality of the fabric guarantees a long service life

DAUTI Cedovim Men’s Classic Coat is made with high quality fibers in order to long last and keep you confortable as well stylish.
The fabric is soft and breathable for a pleasing feeling in the skin.

The male on the back provides great mobility.

This coat has 6 golden decoratives buttons which gives the piece a very elegant look.

  •  Ideal for Porter, Baggage, Reception and others;


Men’s coat

  •  Long sleeve
  •  Jacket with double-breasted;
  •  Fastens with 5 buttons;
  •  2 front pockets;
  •  Collar with contrasting collar;
  •  Front with 6 golden decorative buttons;
  •  Loops with buttons on the shoulders and cuffs;
  •  Male on the back.


151,70 €


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