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Advantages Flotex Flocked Flooring


90 unique shades

Durability and cleanability

Flotex is unique – the only available product in the flooring market that brings together the appeal of a textile floor covering with the hygienic practical advantages of a resilient one. Available in a wide range of colours, and commercially viable designs, Flotex is able to withstand extreme wear and high traffic making it ideal for very busy locations in office, retail, leisure and education environments. Flotex flocked flooring products are available in tile, plank and sheet formats.

The Art of Flocking

Flotex flocked floor coverings are an excellent investment – much like a timeless work of art. With a unique blend of qualities to complement any project, Flotex will maintain its superb aesthetics for many years to come. Select from an array of striking designs in our Vision or designer collections, or simply create your own masterpiece with our bespoke service.

A high tech textile, Flotex combines the warmth, underfoot comfort and acoustic properties of a textile with the durable cleanability of a hard-wearing floor covering.


With 90 unique shades in the Flotex Colour range, each carefully created in our colour lab, the Flockology palette is in tune with the latest interior trends. There are subtle tones and pared back hues inspired by the surfaces of urban builds, and vibrant colour pops associated with city lights. The result is a whole spectrum to select from. And, if that’s not quite enough, our expert mixologists can help you create a unique colour for your project.


Place Flotex under the spotlight and you’ll find its performance never lets you down. Designed to support high traffic, Flotex cleans up like new each and every time without fading or wearing. Our 10-year guarantee means it’s well suited to spaces where durability and cleanability are key. Can’t decide between functionality or style? Then have both with Flotex. What a showstopper!

Live Fast, Love Flock

In modern cities, indoor environments have just as big a role to play as outdoor environments when it comes to reducing emissions and improving wellbeing. With zero phthalates, ultra-low VOC emission, and as the only textile to hold the prestigious Allergy UK Seal of Approval™, Flotex covers all bases, delivering enhanced indoor environments to live, learn, work, interact and play in.


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