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Advantages Intelligent manual mini-bars

Integrated digital temperature control

A free MINIBAR+® mobile application

Easy to use

Bartech offers a range of intelligent manual minibars that provide daily management assistance and temperature control while maintaining customization according to your tastes and needs.

Manual today, automatic tomorrow !

With its intelligent manual minibars, Bartech makes it possible to have refrigerators in the rooms, while having the possibility of switching to an automatic system at any time, as soon as the hotel feels the need to optimize its management of minibar products..

Easy to use !

Bartech’s intelligent manual minibars are controlled over WiFi via a free MINIBAR+® mobile application and use an integrated digital temperature control to optimize the management of energy costs allowing the hotel to be supported in its eco-responsible approach

MINIBAR allows you to lock a minibar door remotely or to be informed of doors opening to minimize the number of rooms to be visited. On a daily basis, MINIBAR enables hotel staff to be more efficient and more available to meet the needs of their own customers

Customization Options

Bartech allows you to customize all the products offered by its brand according to your needs and desires: manual minibars, as well as automatic minibars.

It is therefore possible to choose different configurations, colors, materials, door finishes on cabinet minibars or drawer models.

Bartech branded products !

Bartech is a company that has specialized for over 25 years in creating innovative minibar solutions for hotel rooms.

With Bartech’s proven technology focused on customer satisfaction, intuitive management and exceptional customer service, thousands of hotels around the world have discovered that minibars can be cost-effective and efficient.


  • A free MINIBAR+® mobile application,
  • Integrated digital temperature control,
  • Personalization available for all Bartech products,
  • Different colors, materials, door finishes.

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