hotellerie restauration

Advantages Medialog Restaurant

The tailor-made POS solution, with ease of use and optimal execution speed

It works on Windows cash register, Ipad tablet, or Ipod PDA

Hybrid, because it is accessible locally and via the cloud

Medialog POS, for sales and a tailor-made service, all very streamlined !

The Medialog software package allows you to optimize the management tasks of your establishment in real time.

From order to payment, production and invoicing, the POS is designed to save time and improve productivity.

You can focus on the most essential aspect: the quality of your service !

Medialog POS adapts to all types of restaurants/ bars/ shops.

Its unique hybrid architecture, local & Cloud based brings you security, openness, flexibility and performance throughout your operations.



  • An ergonomic interface for a more fluid service,
  • Deliver the bill, pay up and clear the table,
  • Fixed or mobile, ensure a fast service everywhere,
  • A local & cloud cashier system,
  • Modify your information without blocking the service.

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