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Advantages Noodle Cooker

Precise cooking times

3 to 6 portions of Noodles / hour

Easily cook different types of noodles

The Noodle Cooker from Wise Kitchen is an ideal machine to cook your noodles.

It allows you to program 3 different cooking times.

Each basket can be programmed individually and independently of the others, which allows you to cook different types of pasta at the same time.

Thanks to its power control, the machine automatically adjusts itself to boost its power or save energy according to the demand.

Finally, in order to guarantee your safety, the Noodle cooker comes with a solenoid valve that will cut off the power supply if the water level drops too low.


With these baskets you can cook between 3 and 6 portions of noodles.


With its water level solenoid valve, you can cut off the power supply in case the water drops below the level to protect both the heating element and the user.


The noodle cooker has automatic lifting baskets that ensure precise cooking times.

In addition, each automatic lifter can set 3 cooking times, allowing you to easily cook different types of noodles.



  • Weight : 70 kg
  • Number of baskets: : 3, 6
  • Dimensions : 75 × 29 × 89 cm
  • Energy consumption : 6 kW ou 12 kW

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