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Mechanical or electrical detection

Fire protection on 3 levels (ducts, plenum and cooking appliances)

The SAFETY FIRST® systems enhance and guarantee the safety of your kitchens

Ever vigilant, the connected automatic extinguishing SAFETY FIRST® system protects all your cooking equipment from fire exposure, 24 hours per day.

  • Manual and automatic activation with almost immediate shut-down
  • No risk of splashing burning oil or fats
  • Limited risk of operational loss
  • Installation in operational kitchens and new projects
  • The SAFETY FIRST® system ensures that your restaurant complies with all French, European and international fire safety standards: Article GC8, NF EN 16282-7, NFPA 96, NFPA 17A, CNPP Certified
  • The SAFETY FIRST 2.0®* connected system is integrated into each of our SAFETY FIRST® systems ensuring your fire protection system is connected and communicative.

Having a small, modular footprint, SAFETY FIRST® systems are ideal for all professional kitchens and offer many configuration possibilities according to the cooking zones to be protected.

They are installed in accordance with the specific design developed and approved by our engineers.

Whether permanent pressure (SF/P) or auxiliary pressure (SF/A), mechanical or electrical, standard, tandems or multiple, they guarantee peace and security day and night.


SF/A auxiliary pressure systems are characterised by their small size and are ideal for use in all types of small and medium-sized kitchens to provide fire suppression in hazardous areas.


Specifically adapted for larger commercial kitchens and those offering several hazard zones and in specific for the food industry. Modular, it offers many design possibilities depending on the zones to be protected and technical criteria.


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