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We accompany the hoteliers on the commercial side : Managing your rates live and on distribution / B2B and B2C agency contracts / Corporate canvassing / Social networks.

The rate strategy

JPS Hôtel Solutions develops a strategy which allows you to make the most of this complex environment. We will help you maximize your income and understand the different partners better.

  • Implementation of an annual rate strategy consistent with your business sector.
  • Implementation and/or follow-up of business contracts with OTAs (= Online Travel Agencies = Web distribution).
  • Implementation and/or follow-up of business contracts with agencies and Tour Operators relevant to your product.
  • Rate monitoring and management (on a daily basis) together with the hotel managers.
  • Implementation of Yield management tools if necessary (it implies a cost).

Business canvassing

We can help you with this long and tedious commercial approach. We will take all the necessary steps to make your hotel known to companies.

We will call the companies, contact the right people, we will follow up on it, we will directly go to some of these companies, embassies, trade shows in order to build a powerful database for your hotel and will ensure positive spin-offs.

  • Creation of a file of nearby companies,
  • Teleprospecting,
  • Door-to-dooor selling,
  • Emailing all the companies that show an interest,
  • Implementation of Corporate contracts,
  • Implementation of contracts with the consortiums that represent the big accounts.


JPS Hotel Solutions can respond to these comments for you or can teach you the best methods to do so.

Nowadays, managing your online reputation is crucial and we can bring you our valuable and indispensable expertise to gain an excellent reputation.

  • Creating Facebook, Google +, Google My Business, Instagram & Twitter pages.
  • Creating a profile on the distribution websites :, Expedia, Trip Advisor, etc.
  • Responding to Trip Advisor reviews (4 languages).
  • Responding to reviews (4 languages).
  • Responding to reviews (4 languages).
  • Managing your Facebook, Google + and Twitter pages.
  • Writing one article/post per week for your official website.

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