hotellerie restauration

Advantages Selfly IF3 Cabinet

Purchase of multiple items at once

Remote management through cloud

Best item level detection in the market

Selfly Store offers a game-changing platform, introducing three different intelligent cabinet models from one design.

Selfly Store is a complete, easy-to-set-up solution that enables businesses to run their self-service micro-stores. The cabinets are powered by RFID technology and connected to the Selfly Cloud, which allows merchants to access real-time data remotely, and for instance apply dynamic pricing and bundle deals at any time of the day.

Selfly Intelligent Fridge is an all-in-one RFID-enabled fridge for a new retail experience.

It is 24/7 connected to Selfly Cloud for managing product selection, purchasing and refill transactions, inventory visibility, and remote management and monitoring.

Selfly Intelligent Fridge offers a simplified purchasing and replenishment process for users.

It can be unlocked with a smartphone using a compatible mobile payment application or from an integrated payment terminal with a credit card.

The fridge detects each item inside by the attached RFID Tag. Connected mobile and web applications provide a secure and role-based user interface with on-screen instructions.


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