hotellerie restauration

Advantages Teckell T1.3 Wood

Made in Italy

Luxury design

Cutting-edge materials

Pool tables Teckell selected this durable yet elegant wood, a favorite for decorating yacht interiors, which is inlaid along the aluminum rails and forms the table’s solid wood base, creating complementary lines.

Behind every table is the work of a traditional carpentry workshop that also embraces 21st-century technologies. Artisans work with age-old precious woods as well as today’s cutting-edge materials.


Dimensions : 

  • H 82cm x L 290cm x W 163cm

Weight : 

  • 400kg

Materials : 

  • Wood / Glass / Steel / Wool / Crystal / Other

Colors : 

  • Walnut wood

Manufacturer : 

  • BLab Italia

Designer : Marc Sadler


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