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Advantages Vehicle graphics


Enhances messages

Guaranteed visibility

Vehicle graphics are a great advertising opportunity, especially for companies with a local reach.
Vehicle graphics, partial wrapping, total wrapping, these are the main advantages :

  • As the vehicle moves around, it provides a very good level of visibility, and if the advertisement is well chosen the effect will be immediate.
  • Vehicle graphics can be used to enhance all types of messages : a new product, a promotional offer, a corporate message, etc.
  • Vehicle advertising is good value because it is long-lasting.
  • The vehicle’s mobility lengthens the life of the graphics, which are less subject to UV rays (garage, car park, etc.). UV exposure is better distributed because the vehicle is either in motion or more evenly exposed.

Advertising on vehicles is not subject to the Local Tax on Outdoor Advertising (TLPE) which only concerns fixed advertising displays (signs, signage, window film, etc.).

Vehicle advertising does not fall within the scope of the Environmental Code and is therefore not subject to authorisation, regardless of the type of vehicle. Advertising on vehicles gives a professional image and provides reassurance as regards the sustainability of the company, especially for artisans.

For larger companies, fleet advertising contributes to the development of regional and national awareness.


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