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Advantages AQTIV ONE



Demanding environments

Innovative systems for homes and professionals.
Prepared by our high performant filter and under-the-counter system we ensure highest water quality and taste.

Inspired by Nature
BE WTR AQTiV™’s circular design is inspired by the circular lifecycle of water itself.

Swiss Patented AQTiV technology
Through an innovative system combining a vortex mechanism, 18 micro-jets for optimal water aeration, and annular air protection around the nozzle extremity, the water flows in an accelerated movement, resulting in improved aeration and oxygenation. Just like in nature, when water – source or mineral – gushes out fresh from its natural source and encounters air. The result is a great-tasting, smooth, chilled, still & sparkling water on-demand.


  • Type of water: Filtered fresh, still and sparkling, non filtered hot and cold water
  • Cooling capacity30 L/h
  • Chilled temperature: From 2° to 10°C
  • Dispensed height11 (Width) x 52,1 (height) x 18,5 (depth) cm 
  • Under-counter unit dimension: 320 (Width) x 338 (Height) x 370 (Depth) mm
  • Max. Power consumption: 230 W
  • Filtration technology: 3-stages filtration with activated carbon: coarse particles filtration, removal of chlorine, organic substances and “off-flavour” components, fine particles and suspended solids filtration

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