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Advantages MAG 1030 - Gyoza Machine

Compact - easy to install in any kitchen

Productivity - Up to 1500 gyoza per hour

Capacity - 8 kg gyoza filling hopper

The MAG 1030 is the best machine for making your own fresh gyoza.  Since its inception in the mid-1980s, the machine has been used by many Japanese restaurants. It is the most compact and efficient machine on the market.

With its small size, the Mag 1030 is easy to install in any kitchen. It allows you to produce up to 1500 gyoza per hour. Thanks to its large hopper, you can store about 8 kg of gyoza filling.


  • Weight: 44kg
  • Dimensions: 34.5 × 25.5 × 70.1 cm
  • Productivity: up to 1500 Gyoza per hour

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