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Advantages Serene™ Luxury Lock by Onity




Serene, from Onity, is a sleek all-in-one lock designed both inside and out for luxury hotels. Its small glowing halo of light symbolizes both timeless design and leading-edge DirectKey™ mobile access technology, that allows guests to unlock their room with ease as they approach the door.

With a range of lever styles and finishes, Serene can be customized to fit the look of any property. This is a lock both technology specialists and designers can easily and securely, totally love.

  • Built-in DirectKey mobile access technology
  • Lock management with Onity’s OnPortal™ software
  • Customer check-in at the front desk or using a tablet to welcome guests away from reception (ie. VIP areas)
  • Incredibly secure
  • Future proof advanced technology
  • Customized for you

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