hotellerie restauration

Advantages Blended

Energy and expressive strength

The perfect dose of purity

Exotic warm tones

From the skilful selection of different stones, with diverse origins and characteristics, Refin has created a collection in which inspiring materials blend together to form hybrid surfaces, made unique by overlapping signs, shades and soft material effects. A new product, with a natural style but with a sophisticated esprit, which tells the charme of natural materials with a language that speaks of harmonies, balanced contrasts and sophisticated textures.

Perfect for any design context, private or public, Blended crosses the border between indoor and outdoor spaces, offering the possibility of designing new scenarios in interior projects that increasingly draw on and contaminate the outdoors.



9 mm

  • 60×120/24″×48″ R
  • 60×60/24″×24″ R
  • 30×60/12″×24″ R

20 mm

  • 60×60/24″×24″ R


  • white
  • Grey
  • Dark
  • Beige
  • Natural

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