hotellerie restauration

Advantages Block

Impervious to chemicals

Resistant to stains and easy to care

Durability and resistance to knocks and stresses

Concrete is versatile; it comes to life without any shape and because of it provides for countless formal options, from smooth finishes to rough surfaces, with a very diverse aesthetic.

A careful research of the many characteristics of this material is the fil rouge to our three solutions, Block, Mold and Plain

these three collections feature different characteristics brought together in the Master Plan.

Block draws inspiration from concrete in the form closest to the natural elements it is made of : rock, clay and limestone. Gravel and rocks of varying coarseness emerge to the surface, as if immersed in concrete in a semi-liquid state.

Produced in Mist white and three shades of grey – light Cinder, dark Iron and muddy Nickel


Block is available in the

  • 120×120
  • 60×120
  • 75×150
  • 75×75
  • 60×60
  • 30×60

Either with a matt or soft finish, with a soft hand and a very pleasant tactile texture.


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