hotellerie restauration

Advantages Plant

Impervious to chemicals

Resistant to stains and easy to care

Durability and resistance to knocks and stresses

A brand-new hybrid industrial material, Plant is a wood-cement with a used-look appeal and a decidedly contemporary allure.

The conspicuous scratching on the surface, the signs of wear and tear and the distinctive colours all contribute to shaping the underground atmosphere the collection takes its inspiration from.

The neutral Powder and the more classic Ash grey are joined by Clay beige, dark Rope and markedly reddish Copper.

The tiles come in 6 medium and large sizes, ideal for enhancing the shading effect once laid:

  • 75×150.
  • 25×150.
  • 45×90.
  • 5×90.
  • 60×60.
  • 30×60.

Wood and cement, both elements typical of urban areas and industrial redevelopment, combine to play a key role in a superbly contemporary look for surfaces ready to bring a modern slant to any setting.


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