hotellerie restauration

Advantages Foil

Hi-tech and modern

The contemporary fascination and aesthetic power of metals

A guarantee of duration and that the material will not alter over time

Thanks to the evolution of ceramic production techniques, in fact, stoneware now manages to simulate the aesthetic perception normally conveyed by other materials with extreme realism, as seen, for example, in the metal-look porcelain tiles, where the concept of imitation is raised to a dimension in which ceramic takes on a more prestigious, strategic role in design.

Porcelain stoneware interprets metallic materials from various origins with a brand new styling effect.

Aluminium, Titanium and Burnish are the result of observing a specific craft-based technique, specifically the one used by bending machine operators :

the collection thus stands out for its markings and scorings originating by the hand-crafting processes. Corten and Verdigris on the other hand draw their inspiration from oxidised metals and replicate the ring marks and stains deriving from the action of rust and acids.


  • 120×120 cm / 48”x48” R
  • 60×120 cm / 24”x48” R
  • 60×60 cm / 24”x24” R
  • 30×60 cm / 12”x24” R

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