hotellerie restauration

Advantages Data connection

All your guest information finally centralised

Take back control and get every guest's email addresses

Clean-up of your guest databases and Creation of a single Guest profile

Retrieve your customers’ contact details, segment your database, personalise stay, and enhance your e-reputation.

Increase your Guest satisfaction.

All your guest information finally centralised !

A complete and unified overview of your guest’s activity :

  • Their contact details ;
  • Their multi-hotel stay history ;
  • Their satisfaction level ;
  • Their preferences ;
  • Their typology ;
  • The services ordered ;
  • Their presence on social networks ; …

Take back control and get every guest’s email addresses

OTAs will never stop you from communicating with your own guests again ! The Experience CRM provides you with 6 solutions to this problem : PRE-STAY SURVEY, PRE-CHECK-IN, TEXT MESSAGES, POLICE FORM ON TABLET, PMS/CHANNEL MANAGER and DASHBOARD.

Clean-up of your guest databases

Information which has been scattered everywhere gradually turns into a useable, optimised database, increasing your revenue.


A database of unique guest details that centralises all the data pertaining to each of your guests

History recovery : HOTEL | WI-FI | RESTAURANT | SPA

Import of your existing databases and audit

Normalisation : INITIAL CLEAN-UP

Normalisation and restructuring of your customer data

Automated merging : EMAIL | PHONE | OTHER

Use of unique contact details (email address, phone number, passport number) to merge duplicate guest files



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